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Tae’s Ride is OVER!

Wed ,03/03/2010

Here is Tae signing his Ruckus before he left to go catch his flight back to Korea.

The scooter will be auctioned off and the proceeds will go to a fund to help a Ruckus rider who was involved in an accident.

Notice the Seen It! sticker!

It was awesome to meet Tae and help him out with his Journey. He rode the Ruckus just over 9,000 miles around the USA.

Tae has made it to Texas and reppin’ Seen It! Gear

Wed ,23/12/2009

Tae K almost to Florida

Tue ,27/10/2009

This is Tae K’s Ruckus. He is from Korea traveling the USA on the Ruckus.

Check out that Seen It! Sticker!