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Have you Seen It? brAAAp!

Tae has made it to Texas and reppin’ Seen It! Gear

     Posted on Wed ,23/12/2009 by Nick Weir

We are now on Facebook!

     Posted on Tue ,08/12/2009 by Nick Weir


New Banner!!!

     Posted on Tue ,08/12/2009 by Nick Weir

How does everyone like that “WET METAL” ?!

Also got rid of that orange BS!

Also, still accepting donations for stickers. I have a bunch left. I will make a list with colors and quantities available.

If interested send email to


Just send paypal donation to and include what you want in the description or just say “give me whatever!” and I will ship them to the supplied address!

Quick snap of the jalopy

     Posted on Fri ,04/12/2009 by Nick Weir

Yay or Nay on these rustic hubcaps?

One of the Seen It! Ruckus’ Featured by JDMChicago

     Posted on Wed ,25/11/2009 by Nick Weir

The online blog/forum JDM Chicago featured my Ruckus for this month.

Check it out: CLICK!

Big thanks to Clutch Kick Photo for coming and taking the pics!

My toys..

     Posted on Mon ,23/11/2009 by Nick Weir

1982 Volkswagen Caddy
2001 Honda S2000
2004 Honda Ruckus

Time Attack S2000

     Posted on Fri ,20/11/2009 by Nick Weir

It was ripping while it lasted. The bottom end got sick of revving over 8400 all season and decided to retire.

Oh well, bigger and better for next season.

Here are some pictures thanks to Rich Karbowiak; aka AMS Rich.

Seen It!

Poppin’ Tires and Escapin’ Fires

     Posted on Fri ,20/11/2009 by Nick Weir

You all know CRS FOTO.

Here is his beater:

Playing in puddles

     Posted on Thu ,19/11/2009 by Nick Weir

Seen It! at Hellaflush 3

     Posted on Thu ,19/11/2009 by Nick Weir

Algier was at Hellaflush 3 in his Evolution. Here are some pics: